Gas Power Washers

Gas power washers are unmatched for heavy-duty cleaning applications. High power, higher discharge pressure, and sturdy construction characterize this type of machine. These pressure washers are suited for all kinds of surfaces, regardless of the level of dirt. It does not matter how greasy or stained your surfaces are; a gas power washer can remove all that in a short span. Gas power washers are an excellent choice for anybody who wants to perform heavy duty cleaning correctly. However, you should be warned. These pressure washers come with a higher price tag.

How do gas power washers work?

Gas power washers use gas/oil to power the water pump. Cold water moves from the attached faucet into the inside of the pressure washer. Detergent is then released into the hose system from an external container or an integrated tank. The gas engine then powers the pressure washer. The water pump is driven by the gas motor engine to mix both the water and the detergent. The solution is then released through the nozzle at high pressure. The high-pressure jet helps to clean even the dirtiest of places while saving water.

Gas power washers produce a pressure of up to 4000 PSI, with some models exceeding this range. This means that they are appropriate for surfaces where high pressures are required. Hence, they are mostly used in homes and commercial places. However, it should be known that since their performance is fast, they tend to be noisier than the electric power washers are. What more, owing to their strong build, they are heavier too.

What are the benefits of selecting a gas power washer over an electric one?

Now that you understand the working of a gas power washer let us look at its advantages. Why should one choose a gas power washer? First, gas pressure washers can produce and discharge higher levels of pressure. This comes in handy when cleaning some areas. Based on the dirt, some surfaces will need a pressure washer with high pressure. Gas pressure washers can be put into varied applications. When you buy one, you will not need to get another pressure washer for light cleaning, especially if it comes with adjusting capabilities to enable you to handle various surfaces.

Gas-powered machines also tend to be more powerful as compared to other types. The more power there is, the better the performance. That is why they are recommended for commercial use and for cleaning garages, as well as other areas which are characterized by grease and dirt. Furthermore, unlike electric power washers, they can remove all kinds of stains with minimal effort.

Also, gas pressure washers can be moved to any place, without considering the proximity to a power terminal. While they are heavy, most of the models will come with a set of wheels to enhance portability. As long as you maintain these pressure washers well, they can last for a long time. This helps to mitigate the high cost, which characterizes most of the gas-powered washers.

What key features should you look for when shopping for a gas power washer?

Buying a gas power washer is a substantial investment. Hence, you need to be careful when making the purchase decision. You should ask yourself about the kind of cleaning you want to do and the frequency of cleaning. This will help you to decide on the best gas pressure washer for your needs. The pump is one of the most important features in a pressure washer. You need to be sure you are getting the right pump. Where a model has an improved pump, it is worth considering.

The next thing you should assess is the cleaning power of the gas pressure washer. Although most gas power washers have high power, the power differs from one model to another. Typically, the cleaning power of pressure washers is expressed in GPM and PSI. Ensure to get a gas power washer which has a PSI and GPM, which your surfaces require. The PSI is the measure of the water pressure generated by the machine. On the other hand, the GPM is the measure of the volume of water which is released by the pressure washer when it is cleaning. Gas-powered machines produce a discharge pressure range of 2000 - 4000 PSI.

Where your cleaning needs are high, you may consider getting a model which comes with an electronic fuel injection. This feature can help the pressure washer to start quickly. Besides, it helps you to save fuel. When you are sure that the functional parts are in order, it is time to look at the quality of the gas power washer. Most manufacturers will use aluminum, steel, plastic and other materials, to make the gas pressure washers. Quality materials can give your pressure washer a long lifespan.

It is also important to ensure that the unit you are buying comes with wheels. As stated earlier, gas pressure washers are heavy. Hence, it will be best if they come with wheels to allow the user to move them easily. Another thing, if a model lets you transition from light cleaning to heavy duty cleaning, you should consider it.

Lastly, you might want to consider the size of the gas power washer. This is because some are large, making storage to be a challenge. Furthermore, you need something you can maneuver. Where space is a concern, a gas power washer is not appropriate.

Gas power washers are fast and efficient cleaning equipment. They are popular because of their high cleaning power. They are also able to produce high pressure, suitable for heavy duty cleaning. However, they are heavier and noisier than other types of pressure washers. They are also relatively expensive. However, the beauty about them is that they can be used for various applications, with impressive results. However, you should choose your gas powered based on your cleaning needs. For instance, it would not be wise to buy a 4000-PSI pressure washer for doing light cleanings, such as washing your car or the deck.

A video guide to using a gas power washer

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